Monday, February 4, 2013

Little Tidbits

1. I have yet to lay eyes on a microwave or a dryer. 2. Self-serve cigarette machines exist in numerous quantities. 3. Dogs have way more fashion than I ever will. 4. Dogs go to the bathroom on the sidewalks, and it is not always cleaned up. 5. Mannequins have more stylish haircuts than I. 6. Italian women are born with an innate ability to walk on cobblestone streets in high heels. 7. Ugly babies are possibly culled from the gene pool. 8. Chocolate cookies are totally acceptable to eat at breakfast. 9. Sometimes you have to buy a coffee just so you can pee. 10. Even though that door has a handle that looks like you should pull it, you probably have to push it. 11. Approximately 75% of the population thinks fur coats and fur vests are attractive. 12. Men are not afraid of their feminine whether they express it through polka dot umbrellas or tiny dogs with coats.

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