Saturday, February 9, 2013


Yesterday, one of my dreams came true. I went to Carnevale in Venezia. It was incredible. Besides the fact that the city itself has beauty everywhere you look, the costumes for Carnevale are absolutely unreal. They are so extravagant and detailed and no two people look the same. I don't know whose these people are, I'm pretty sure just regular people, but they dress up and have crowds of people take their picture literally all day.
It was a beautiful sunny day and definitely one of the warmer days we have had. Picking out a mask was a blast. There are endless options. We explored the city most of the day. There was something to see wherever you looked so we did not do any of the typical touristy things you do when you are in Venice. However I did have to pay a euro fifty to pee. It's a constant European problem. You spend hours looking for bathrooms or deciding what thing you are going to buy so you can use the bathroom. Ridiculousness. The end of the day held a special place in my heart because it of course involved dancing in Piazza San Marco. The festivities included a DJ set, but he was a lame DJ because he was unable to incorporate any of our requests into his music because it was a "set" program. First of all, what kind of DJ are you? Second of all Hellllooo. We are American. We can help you pick songs that aren't years old. But that's okay cause we danced the night away anyway before following the approximately 214 signs back to the train station. Sometimes I think the signs send you in a circle through the back alleys just to mess with you. But we all made it safe and sound and happy.

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