Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Italy has these most awesome graduation ceremonies. When a person graduates, their friends make them these posters with a either a story or something on it about their life (we think). These posters are then hung up in the street and your family and friends gather round. Basically, your friends and family decide your fate. For example, today one of the girls was wearing metallic purple spandex and had a bottle of wine duct taped to her hand. As she read her poem off the poster, she had to drink every time she said a certain word and her friends were throwing eggs at her the whole time. And I mean there are like middle-aged people standing there laughing along with her college friends. There was thing other guy who had to run shirtless through a tunnel of his friends down the street as they slapped his back. At the end he completely took out the girl who was trying to take a picture of it and knocked her to the ground on the stone sidewalk. It was unreal. My friend told me her boyfriend had to stand naked in December by the river after his friends got him really drunk. So I think we have a new tradition to start in the U.S. Actually it's one of the most embarrassing things I have ever seen.

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