Sunday, February 17, 2013


Beautiful Saturday to hit up Ferrara, a small city about an hour from Padova. We didn't really know what we were in for, but my friend Amanda's host dad has a store there and recommended a bunch of places to us. In the morning we explored the center of the city, which includes a castle with a moat and everything. We stopped by the book table and taking Kayt's advice I found this book called "Ecologia Speigata ai Ragazzi" (Ecology Explained to Kids) so I was like this is perfect, it's my reading level, I can learn ecology vocab. Then Amanda calls my name from across the table and says "Kate I have the perfect book for you!" And was it ever. So I carried my sparkly horse book around with me the rest of the day. But I am so excited to read these two books and expand my vocabulary. I met up with Kayt later in the night and she was very proud of me :) Since it was such a warm sunny day (probably a high of 50 degrees Fahrenheit) we went to these beautiful parks in the city, played on the playground, and took an absolutely gorgeous walk. The city is known for it walls. It has the longest intact wall surrounding the city in of Italy I think. There were also paths through gorgeous countryside within the walls. We all agreed it was nice to take a break from the bustle of all the cities and just spend some good old time in nature. For dinner we went to this restaurant to try this famous dish of Ferrara which is ravoli/tortellini like pasta filled with pumpkin. It was unreal. Unfortunately the portion size was really small, but it all worked out. Had a nice little adrenaline rush speed walking back to the station so we didn't miss our train. Once back in Padova we grabbed a drink and then I met up with Kayt after everyone else left and we frequented a few other bars before going to the discoteca with some guys we met. I was falling asleep by 11:00 without a doubt, so getting in at 3 am was definitely a struggle. It was great hanging out with Kayt because a. she speaks awesome Italian and can help me when I need it and b. she's already been through this so I was able to ask her lots of questions. It was very helpful and I look forward to hanging out again!

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