Saturday, February 16, 2013

Fair Verona

We took a field trip to Verona with the whole program and our professors. I had been to Verona once before, and remembered loving it so I was quite excited to return again. After grabbing breakfast in a cafe, we went to two churches. Now you know me and religion. The churches were beautiful, but I have no idea what they were called and couldn't tell you anything else about them. We had free time for lunch and wandered around looking for cafes and went to the ruins of the Roman Theater. Afterwards, we went to Juliet's house (of Romeo and Juliet). It's good luck to touch her right boob, no idea why so that what everyone does. And they buy a lock and lock on the gate to signify their everlasting love. It was very cool to be in the city of Romeo and Juliet the day after Il Giorno di San Valentino because they were many celebrations and decorations all over the city. Next we went to the Roman Arena, which they still use in the summer for concerts. It's in beautiful condition. It was really funny because these two boys started drawing a heart in the dirt floor of the area that took up the entire floor and we were laughing to ourselves because we thought they were never going to get the two sides even....but then they didn't close the heart and we realized that they were NOT at all drawing a heart, but a lovely penis in the floor of the arena. But I tell this story because I think the most interesting part was we were sitting at the top of the arena with our professors and they were laughing along with us! And making jokes about it which was most humorous of all. So different from the U.S. On our way out we walked through a market and I bought amazing chocolety things: strawberries with hot chocolate dribbled over them, chocolates filled with pistachio cream (amazinggg) and hot chocolate with Bailey's! Delicious way to end the day.

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