Monday, February 4, 2013

I Colli

Sunday was an absolutely gorgeousssss day. So warm and beautifully sunny. My friend Cayla and I took a bus to the Euganean Hills, about an hour out of the city. We just wandered around and essentially walked up the road to the top of one of the hills with some little side trips along the way along random paths. The vistas were stunning. The lush green valley with scattered rooftops and brightly colored houses with the snowy Alps looming in the distance. It was picturesque Italia, peaceful and serene. It was nice to take a break from the city, and appreciate a completely different side of Italian life.
We wandered the property of this villa, it seemed like a vacation spot, but we weren't really sure. Afterwards, we ran back down the hill, definitely one of the most incredible runs I've done, even though it wasn't that long. After exploring the local bars, befriending a few of the baristas, and playing on the playground, we surprise missed our bus. Apparently we had to go to a different stop a little up the street in order to return home. Luckily (in reality thank all heavenly gods) that it was the second to last bus and not the last, so that we were ready to go when the last bus came and made it safely home.

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