Monday, April 15, 2013

Who Said You Can't See Rome in a Day?

Well it was actually two and a half. But that's just details. Spring absolutely popped up out of nowhere. The weather was absolutely flawless for an awesome weekend in Rome. My friend Marissa and I arrived at approximately 2:30 and we tore up Rome right away. Colesseum, Roman Forum, stumbled across the Trevi fountain, closed out the Pantheon, headed over to Piazza Navona, then the Tiber River and finally hit up the Spanish steps. Lots of people wanted us to dance with them later - I guess my walk suggest dancing? At night we met up with our friends Lauren and Ashley, who were staying in a separate hotel, for dinner and then we casually popped some champagne in front of the Trevi fountain. It was not a great night for sleep because our hostel liked to have parties and apparently the other girls in our room did not really understand the concept of other people in the room trying to sleep. But that was okay. We got up early and headed towards the Vatican. But first, we made friends with this awesome barista dude right next to the Trevi Fountain and promised we would return the next day. The Vatican was cool - we started a nun count while waiting in line and were quite proud when we counted our 50th nun on the train ride home Sunday. We went into Saint Peter's Basilica and climbed it! The climb was awesome and offered a beautiful view of the city!!! Then we went to the Vatican museums which was ridiculously stressful. You have to walked through these really long corridors as you are absolutely swallowed by endless tour groups just so you can get to the Sistine Chapel. So much claustrophobia. But we were finally freed into the beautiful daylight again and celebrated Lauren's birthday with some much needed gelato!! Marissa and I then headed towards some gardens when after wandering around we made friends with these Spanish kids who were studying abroad in Rome for the year. The best part? This kid Roberto was wearing a Blues Brothers shirt!!! (without knowing what it was so I made fun of him). We chilled with our new friends, even though their female friend Paola was not amused by our adventures but the two boys loved talking to us. We parted ways for dinner so Marissa and I could explore Campo dei Fiori but we picked this restaurant outside the piazza instead. After we met up with Lauren and Ashley again in an attempt to celebrate Lauren's birthday but we were all so tired that we only managed one drink at the bar (though the people at the hostel were legitimately offended that we didn't want to go with them - so bizarre). After a great night's sleep, we started our final day in Rome by heading back to our friend at the Trevi Fountain cafe and having a delicious breakfast. We then headed up to this whole other park area complete with a zoo, but the line for the zoo was too long. However, there was this awesome part of the park just for dogs. We took a lovely nap in the sun (not in the dog park) and just explored some other parts of town. Oh man, we had the best Japanese food for lunch. It was ridiculously delicious. We played an awesome round of people-watching in the train station (hello magenta velvet track suit with sparkles in the hood) before heading back home. It was certainly one of the most non-stressful, relaxing travel weekends thus far.

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