Monday, April 29, 2013

All Dem British Boyz

Spent the weekend in Londontown! Judith and I departed Wednesday night and arrived in Brighton at approximately 2 am to visit Judith's friend Paige at the University of Sussex, and I am so glad we did because we got to experience the countryside of England, including most importantly cows and border collies. In the morning we went to a rocky beach! It was so exciting to see the ocean. Oh wait first more importantly we got big coffees. Then we went to the beach and drank our coffee on these lovely chairs...until some guy told us we were supposed to pay for them so then we left and headed to the Pier. In the afternoon we climbed up a hill and into a cow pasture with all these cows to get to this beautiful manor for afternoon tea! Oh my goodness - it was deliciously fantastic. And then we spent some time just enjoying the lovely outdoor weather. That night we went out! After such an incredibly stressful week (never-ending homework, fraud on both the debit cards la di dah) it was so nice to finally relax enjoy the British pub scene complete with cider and this liqueur called Tuaca that you can apparently only get in that area and then head out dancing, my favorite past time of course. We stayed out way too later, but it was worth it. I met a British Red Sox fan on the way home!! In the morning we headed off to London and wandered around the city for the day hitting up Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park, Trafalgar Square, Big Ben, the London Eye, Westminster Abbey. I looked at all of these things, oh and the calvary museum, but have come to the conclusions that I'm quite tired of museums and will definitely avoid churches at all costs for the remainder of my stay here. We had a classic English pub dinner and went to bed early because due to the previous two nights, we were severely lacking in that department. Saturday was absolutely the best. We woke up and headed straight to King's Cross Station for Platform Nine and 3/4!!!! Epic. Then Judith and I parted ways for a bit so I could meet up with my friends Lizzie and Jennie from Bucknell!!! It was so incredibly nice to see them! Lizzie and I had first lunch together and then second lunch with Jennie and her friend Carolyn, also from Bucknell. Afterwards, Jennie, Carolyn, and I headed to the Tower of London for an awesome tour with a funny tour guide and to see the Crown Jewels! It was so nice to have some Bucknell in my life. I was quite happy. Then Judith and I met back up for dinner and headed back to our apartment because we had some figuring out to do. With an 8 am flight, yep we had to take a 5:30 am taxi. And with a four hour layover in Spain it was quite the day of traveling. Thankfully I was very productive in the airport because I'm certainly not doing any work now, and will probably finish a movie before I go to bed because I'm still quite wired. Cheerio!

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