Sunday, April 7, 2013

Perfect Day in Padova

My dream day. I woke up this morning and had my yummy usual breakfast. Then my dad drove Tommaso and I to the river so we could go running! It was an absolutely stunning day. All the Italians were out along the river enjoying the beautiful sun. Then I had two different friends call me because there was a market in Prato della Valle with animals!!! So I threw on a dress and headed over. I took my books but come on, I wasn't actually going to study. Dad, you will be devastated that you missed this but there were so many tractors!! And then animals!!! Goats, and sheep, and CHICKENS and HORSES and DONKEYS. Here we have the mamma donkey, Principina, and her 5-month-old baby Valentino. It was so funny - I was walking around in a strapless dress and all the Italians were still in their winter coats but it was so warm and I'm sick of wearing jackets! I bought this really cool jam that was pumpkin and orange flavored - an interesting mix but very delicious. The guy was really funny calling us beautiful and blah blah. He wanted us to go dancing with his son, who was way too young for us but I told him it was a Sunday and I needed to study ahah. And with that, considering it's 6:00 pm and I haven't started studying for my midterm tomorrow...I'm off to do that. Ciao!

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