Sunday, April 21, 2013

5k's and THE ZOO!

Today was an awesome Sunday. In the morning, four of my friends and I ran the 5k at Padova's marathon and the whole event was dedicated to Boston. There were SO many people there, although I must say it was a tad bit disorganized (was there even a clock? I don't know) and also they were playing this song at the end: Ummm hello that's the slow motion running song!?! Doesn't make sense - I'm supposed to finish fast. Anyway, it was cool to experience it and we took a great picture with both the flags. Then in the afteroon Mary Grace and I went to the zoo with our Italian friends who are sisters Linda and Laura!!! It was raining off and on, but it was better I think because the animals were very active. Maybe too active. A tiger jumped up on the glass at us and the lions were following us WAY too intently to feel comfortable. There was essentially no one in the park except another group of friends and one family. But we got to see lots of favorites (including peacocks and black Australian swans!!) and the cutest cutest baby lemur. It's fun to experience things you experience in the U.S. in another country otherwise you never know if they are different! Afterwards we went to Linda and Laura's house for dinner. Linda and Laura are amazing. I feel so incredibly comfortable around them and my Italian just flows - I have no reservations. It makes me really sad to think about leaving them because I never thought I would make such good Italian friends over here. So we have to make the most of our time left!!

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