Sunday, May 19, 2013

Why Study When You Can Blog?

The most exciting thing happened last night. It is well known by all my friends here that I have been on an active search for a ragazzo (preferably cute and single) with a Vespa because I obviously can’t leave Italy without riding on a Vespa through Padova. But thus far, my search has come up empty even though I can recite my lines flawlessly: “Ciao. Per caso, hai una Vespa? Sto cercando un ragazzo figo con una Vespa perche’ sogno di andare in Vespa prima di ritornare negli Stati Uniti” (translation: Hey! By chance, do you have a Vespa? I’m searching for a cute boy with a Vespa because I dream of taking a Vespa ride before returning to the United States). Returning to last night, Mary Grace and I were planning to have dinner in the piazza, but our restaurant was still in the process of setting up their tables so we said what the heck, let’s get an aperitivo (a before-dinner drink). Once we ordered, I decided that I needed to ask our waiter if he had a Vespa. He sadly said no, and after inquiring as to why we were asking, said “Chiedero’ tutti i ragazzi” (I will ask all the boys!) and he ran off. He returned in a few minutes and announced that he said found a Vespa, but after a few moments of miscommunication, we discovered that he hadn’t found us a boy with a Vespa, he had asked to borrow someone’s Vespa so that he could take us himself on this Vespa. So we ordered another round of drinks to continue this song and dance. Little by little we gathered more information such as his name (Nicola – though he was quite afraid that it was a girl’s name in English) and his phone number. We decided that since he was working Sunday and Monday that Tuesday or Wednesday would be best for this Vespa ride. Then he brought us free shots. It was the first time in my life that I’ve ever received a free shots, and after doing some casual math, we came to the conclusion that he spent approximately seven U.S. dollars on us, and therefore must love us. So Mary Grace and I anxiously await the coming days, and I will obviously keep you updated. A few other things: Tommaso is getting restless. Whatever little control I had over him is now gone. He is always on my Facebook and messing around. I think the kid’s going to be devastated when I leave. But I did get a little revenge the other day when he forgot his keys and I took a picture of him locked outside the gate and put it on Facebook. Revenge tastes so sweet. I have to entertain myself somehow as I study because I’m getting quite bored of it. Even though I’m pretty devastated that I’m missing Bucknell graduation this year, these past two weeks in Italy have been my favorites. I feel so comfortable with everything here now and it’s so sad that I have to leave so soon. Yesterday Amanda and I went to the Botanical Garden, which was beautiful and serene and spent some time in the sun at our last market in Prato della Valle. Finally I would like to make one last announcement: I MISS MY PARENTS AND MY BROTHER VERY MUCH AND I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE THEM WHEN I GET HOME. LOVE YOU.

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