Friday, May 24, 2013

A Perfect Last Night

The sky cried for us (words of Marissa) all day Friday as a symbol of all the rain we brought to Padova this year. We ate on last time at Passione Pizza (artichoke and sausage pizza - how am I ever gonna eat pizza in the U.S. again?) and the woman gave us a free foccacia with Nutella. It was amazing. We then bought flowers for our host family and continued home to pack. Now things get exciting. I met my friend Ilaria in the piazza for a Spritz at 5:40, we then joined up with Mary Grace and her family, along with Linda's sister Laura. Linda arrived just in time to accompany me to the meeting spot for our VESPA RIDE. Alberto and Gianmaria were so incredibly nice and took me and Amanda out for Spritzes before our Vespa rides!! We talked about all sort of things. They are definitely older, but I have no idea how older, but Gianmaria is pursuing a PhD in physics in Germany. They think I'm weird because I have chickens and go to a university with monkeys. While we were walking to the Vespas, they asked why I asked them for these Vespa rides when there was a piazza full of people ahahha. Fishing for compliments I think. The Vespas were beautiful. It was a glorious moment indeed. They let us take lots of pictures, but my camera was being really dumb so once I get better pictures from Amanda I'll add those as well. They drove me to my house so I was home in time for dinner. Tommaso got to meet them as well. I was so happy to have one last Italian dream come true. I had a wonderful last dinner with my family. I gave Chiara and Tommaso their Bucknell T-shirts so they can rock the orange and blue. Tommaso is of course swimming in his because he's so skinny. I then returned to the piazza for a few more spritzes with all my best of friends. Linda and Ilaria met us as well. I couldn't have imagined it any other way. We saw Alberto and Gianmaria again and they continued to laugh at us, but I think they also felt really cool because all my friends knew who they were and wanted to know about the Vespa ride. On our way back to the car, Linda and Ilaria and I got one last Italian crepe. It was delicious. I honestly couldn't imagine ending my Italian life any other way. Ilaria gave me a bracelet in the car. We sat and talked for a few minutes trying to ignore the goodbyes that loomed ahead. But I know I will see everyone again some day. This is definitely not the end. Everything is now packed and I will get on the bus at 11:00 for the airport. I will be in New York at 7:30 tonight. Absolutely surreal. Ben fatto, Italia. It's been absolutely amazing.

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