Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Epic Vespa Search Continues

Nicola has disappointed me. After we initially met him Saturday, I texted him Monday and asked what time he was working so we would get an aperitivo. He said he would wait for us and signed the message "Baci" which means kisses. When we arrived, he told us that he found another friend with a Vespa so the four of us could go together!! To the hills!! Which are at least half an hour away for a bit of vino. It was definitely a jaw-dropping moment and Mary Grace and I were so excited, which of course was only topped when he said "Baciami" or "kiss me" as we were leaving, so we of course gave him the normal kisses on the cheek. The next day, however, when we went for another aperitivo with our Italian friends Linda and Laura, Nicola started acting weird. He had a strange reaction when I told him in Italian to not stand me up, and he never responded to my text. So Nicola got the cut and I was mad at him because I lost two days of Vespa searching. But in the meantime, shared lots of fun times with friends and took pictures with our favorite pizza place people who are husband and wife! Wednesday was our last day of exams. I rocked my Italian final, had a little and by little I mean big crying meltdown when my Marine Ecology professor told me that I should have taken her final in English, but that wasn't the point. Anyway, that's in the past so it doesn't matter. I put in so much work and learned so much from that class and my friends all said really nice things about me and made me feel better. Then, I met up with my friend Annachiara for a last time to catch up and say bye. I hate goodbyes. In the evening, the fun started because we were all ready to celebrate the end of exams. Amanda, Mary Grace, and I ate dinner in the piazza. This one waiter was for some reason in love with me and told me that I ate slow because I talk too much and he knows this because he was watching me...okay buddy. At the end of dinner, Mary Grace pointed out a table with two boys. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. I walked up to the table and said "Excuse me, I have a question. By chance, does one of you have a Vespa?" The answer: Both. I asked, "Really? Seriously?" and with confirmation, I pulled up a chair, sat down, and said "Here is the situation." I explained how we needed to go on a Vespa ride before Saturday etc. etc. and got Roberto's (though his name might be Alberto) phone number. After meeting up with others in the piazza we walked to Navigli which is the summer university outdoor bar scene. I continued playing my new favorite game, "Do You Have a Vespa?" Made lots of friends, even those without Vespas. One guy asked if he could marry me. I can't remember why though - I think I successfully learned a curse word in dialect and was using it properly. Anyway met another guy with a Vespa, got his number la di da. I was with all my favorite American and Italian friends and life was perfect. I never wanted the night to end. After Navigli, Linda and Laura drove us all to this other place, an outdoor club with sand and a beach theme to end the evening. We finally collected everyone around 3 am to head home, making it a true Italian night indeed. Today, we have our final lunch with the program. We went to the hills and visited a beautiful villa. It was a lovely time and the beginning of all the goodbyes, but I was able to take photos with all my favorite professors! (and our favorite barista!) Goodbyes are the worst, and many tears have already been shed, and the end is still far. But then it was quite exciting to receive a message from Roberto/Alberto to say that tomorrow was better for Vespa rides!!! I didn't even have to text him first!! Which is fantastic that I didn't scare them away with my aggressive moves. If all goes to plan, I can install the final chapter of the Vespa quest tomorrow!!

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