Sunday, March 24, 2013


Our story begins on Wednesday night, on the eve of my 21st birthday. After dinner with my host family, I was instructed to go the apartment of my friend Nick's Italian friends. When I arrived, a massive group of people surprised me and my friend Malka had made me a birthday cake complete with candles and provided me with my favorite drink! Everyone sang to me and it was marvelous. I then met up with more friends in the center and hit up our favorite bar before heading to the clubs with my friends Amanda and Marissa and had marvelous adventures. The next morning, I took some nice recovery time. My friend Linda gave me a book in Italian by Konrad Lorenz, who is one of the most famous ethologists ever! He had some geese imprint on him and they would follow him around. It was such a sweet gift and I love it so much! After lunch, I hopped on a bus, then a plane, then another, then the metro and finally arrived at our sweet apartment in PARIS that my friends Cayla, Mary Grace, Judith, and I were renting for the weekend. We used this website where people put their apartments up for rent to travelers, and so we rented this cute little place from a woman named Rhita for a ridiculously cheap price. We then set out to complete a very important goal: eat a crepe and climb the Eiffel Tower on my 21st birthday. the crepe was delicious but as itTurns out, they only let you take the lift to the second level at night, but whatever. It was epic. While Mary Grace and I were up there, the whole tower sparkled. It was so so cool and such a unique experience. After the descent, we had a minor mishap when we realized we didn't set a meeting point and couldn't find Judith and Mary Grace, but because we are brilliant young ladies, we were able to read each other's minds and figure out what the other pair would do in the situation and safely met up back at the apartment, a slightly krazy end to our first Parisian night.

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