Sunday, March 10, 2013


Nothing like staying home for a weekend to relax, and your body deciding to get sick on you because you suddenly aren't doing something every minute of every day. But it's ok because this has been a fantastic week. As mentioned earlier, I started my marine ecology course. After my program director talked with my professor, my professor suggested that I audit the oceanography class that's right before my class on Thursday. Friday was an epic day indeed. First, I went to talk to a professor about the possibility of doing research with her, but then found out it wasn't possible because her research takes place at a biological station about 40 minutes away. However, her research assistant lives close by and she invited me to come visit in the spring and she would show me the station so I'm quite excited! The professor also recommended me to another professor whose research takes place on campus. He studies sexual selection in guppies. Sexual selection is my favorite subject. After meeting with him, he thinks it's quite feasible so I sent him my schedule and am now just waiting to hear from him. I also met this Italian kid on Friday who studies biotechnology so naturally I was excited to be able to talk about science things with someone. He walked me to my meeting and we talked about kangaroos and platypuses. Friday night, I had an awesome bonding night with my friends and we hit up our favorite discoteca. While I was there, I ran into my Italian friend! It was so great to see her because I hadn't seen her all week. Saturday I booked flights to Paris for my birthday weekend (woooooo! I think I also watched the Woo girls episode of How I Met Your Mother) and flights to London for the end of April. We then visited the huge market in Prato della Valle, where they literally sell anything you could think of. There's so many people and things to look at it, and I successfully restrained myself from buying anything. In the afternoon, I met up with my friend Gianluca. We practice speaking with each other and I learned that he flies airplanes which is really cool! And now here I am, all sick and congested, but my mom has offered me like 4 different remedies so hopefully something works!

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