Friday, January 25, 2013

Grazie a My Spatial Memory

It was a great first day of orientation and overwhelming information. All the program directors seem fantastic. We meet our professors tomorrow during academic orientation. My friend Judith, who lives close to me, and I try to converse in Italian as much as possible which is very nice. Her family owns a pizzeria and we all went there for pranzo (lunch) today. We also purchased cell phones so now I have some way of contacting people. Another girl ran to the office today, so Judith and I plan on going on a run tomorrow even though the Italians don't really just go for runs, but that's okay. After orientation, Judith didn't know how to get back to her house, so I am quite thankful for my spatial memory and attention to landmarks and stuff so I was able to help her find her house, although it was dark and we had to ask a few people where the street was. But I am very proud of myself for that. My family told me that the cat Blackie is shy and will take a few days to warm up to me. However, animal behavior major over here, I have been here approximately 24 hours and Blackie is currently sleeping on my bed. However, when she first tried to jump up, my things on the bed (possibly also my Orlando Bloom pillowcase?) freaked her out and sort of fell off the bed which was quite humorous. I have never been so proud of my Italian skills, even though it's still difficult, I can say many things. I'm very happy that my family knows English because some families know very little. However, it's more helpful than not because when I need to know a word they can teach me. I can also ask what I'm trying to say and then they will help me with the grammar, and correct me when I mess up. Tommaso, my brother, asked me if I wanted tea when I came home, but I said I wanted un caffe and he said "It's so late!" I explained that I drink coffee and go right to sleep ahah, the caffeine does not affect me. Note for my dad: The "passo carabile" signs indicate that it is someone's driveway and you are not allowed to park in front of it. Now I wait for dinner.

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  1. Tell Blackie that I've always been freaked out by the Orlando Bloom pillow case too!