Thursday, January 24, 2013

And The Adventure Begins

Well, everything was going great. Until I couldn't figure out how to flush the toilet. Awkward moments in my life. But it was all good - just needed some more water in the system. The journey was long but I am here. And proud of myself for surviving the airport. My program seems to have fantastic kids - we've bonded a lot already. I sat next to this one girl on the plane while I was reading one of my feminism books when she says "Oh, I stopped shaving my legs and I asked my boyfriend if he could give me a reason why I should shave other than cultural expectations and he couldn't." Jaw dropped, is this real life!? So needless to say, best friend ever. Who would have ever thought. I love my family. They say my Italian is really good so that makes me happy. The boy, Tommaso, speaks English very well so that helps with all the misunderstandings. He said they have had 8 students before, so they are well accustomed to housing students. I haven't met my dad yet but my mom and sister are very nice. I'm also obsessed with the cat "Blackie" who isn't black but gray? But once he gets used to me he should sleep with me wooo! That's about it for now, dinner isn't for another two hours ahhhhh. Tomorrow orientation starts at 9:30 and goes all day. Excited for all the great adventures to come! Ciao!

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